Mortgage Bankers Association tradeshow booth

Client: Williams & Williams Auction

A booth for the Mortgage Bankers Association Tradeshow.

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Williams & Williams Auction needed a tradeshow booth design that showcased their capabilities and increased their monthly Real Estate Owned business with Mortgage Bankers and Servicers. With this audience, their key differentiator is the ability to auction any property, at any location, at any time.

Their key benefit inspired a collage that features all types of properties in many different locations. I drew the landscape lines by hand, integrating them into each picture. This hand-drawn approach represents the individual care and attention and specialized marketing Williams & Williams gives to each property. The parachute logo is part of a larger campaign running simultaneously. I married the two together by creating the landscape as the backdrop under the airborne parachutist. The logo parachute reminds and assures clients of a “safe landing” and the highest possible return for their assets in a depressed economy.

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