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Client: Williams & Williams Auction

Daily management, strategy, graphics and execution of corporate Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. Posts/tweets supported larger multimedia campaigns, social media campaigns, brand strategies, marketing initiatives and customer service. See two campaign examples below.

Measurable results include:

Facebook: 7,919 fans
  • 269% increase in average daily content clicks
visit FacebookWilliams & Williams Auction Facebook
Twitter: 1,246 followers
  • Increased click-throughs from 5/6mo to 290/6mo
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Garryowen fill-in-the-blank contest
Client: Chris Kortlander, owner/seller Garryowen, MT

A Facebook social media contest, supporting a larger multimedia campaign for the Garryowen, MT Auction.

"If I owned the entire town of
Garryowen, MT, I would ____."

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Williams & Williams Auction needed increased social media efforts around the auction of the entire town of Garryowen, MT. Their global multimedia campaign consisted of ads, emails, PR, banners, brochures, postcards, TV spots and more. Since Garryowen is the site of Custer’s last stand, Williams & Williams generated a huge media buzz. I launched a social media contest to increase engagement, promote brand awareness and convert people commenting, tweeting and posting about the hundreds of media stories into fans and followers. To win, the contestants filled-in-the-blank with their entry and promoted their answer to friends and followers to gain the most ‘likes.’ The winner received a rare Custer print, donated by the Garryowen Custer Museum.

I managed the entire campaign including strategy development, graphics and execution. Outside of posts and tweets, supporting media included email, microsite and cover art banners. The campaign successfully increased awareness, received many entries and converted fans and followers.

Example Tweets:

twitter example posts

Auction Limelight Mini Series
Client: Auction Network

The Facebook tab, YouTube playlist, graphics and posts for a new, social media exclusive mini series, Auction Limelight.

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Auction Network is a global, broadband television network dedicated to the world of auction. To help increase fans and interactivity, they produced a new series, exclusive to social media platforms. The series showcases the extraordinary homes auctioned by Williams & Williams Auction and ‘airs’ every Friday at 5pm E.

I developed the strategy and executed the series across YouTube and Facebook. The supporting graphics and cover art reflect the look and feel of the series. The series has successfully increased Facebook engagement, week over week, receiving the highest click-throughs of any other posts to date.

visit Auction Limelight Facebook TabAuction Network Limelight Facebook

Example Tweets:

twitter example posts


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