published book and ebook

Client: Pam McKissick
Cover Design Team: Matt Williams, Anya Hoffecker
Ebook; Internal Typsetting & Graphics: Anya Hoffecker

A published book design, including cover, interior layout, typeset and graphics, and an ebook for “Auction Your Home? Absolutely! An inside guide to real estate auction” by author Pam McKissick.

"Thank you for your tireless work on the typeset design! I love your talent."

— Author, Pam McKissick
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Pam McKissick, an established author, asked our team of designers for the design (interior and exterior) of her new book, “Auction Your Home? Absolutely!” She wanted a cover design that depicted what readers could expect, a book that uses humor to challenge the misconceptions of real estate auction.

The cover design team created the cover, incorporating one of the key chapters of the book, “Every Seller Has A Buffalo.” Finding a seller’s buffalo is the key to a successful auction, says McKissick. The maze and buffalo promise the reader a worthwhile and interesting adventure.

The interior of the book is about 200 pages, plus a table of contents, copyright, foreword, preface and acknowledgements. The book also includes several charts, graphs, illustrations and a quiz. I typeset the interior and worked directly with the publishing company on both the printed version and the ebook.



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