national branding campaign

Client: Williams & Williams Real Estate Auction

A national ad campaign that challenges and questions the stigmas surrounding real estate auction.
National Campaign Elements:

  • magazine ads
  • tradeshows
  • banners
  • presentations
  • other materials

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The words “real estate auction” evoke negative preconceived ideas including cheap, foreclosure, rundown, and financial trouble.
Williams & Williams asked me to develop a campaign to challenge these ideas and replace them with a positive picture of the benefits of a “real estate auction.”To change perceptions I needed a way to convey the benefits of auction. The most recognizable brand element in the marketplace is the auction sign. When the sign is placed in a yard, all the negative connotations come with it. I used this meaningful symbol to turn these ideas on their head, turning the sign into a symbol of the benefits of auction. The headlline “a sign of” gave me the freedom to run a campaign with multiple benefits. These include:

  • Freedom – the owner is free from worrying, waiting and wondering when or if their property will sell
  • Forward progress – the property sells in 30 days, giving the owner the ability to move on with their life
  • Transparency – each bidder knows they didn’t overpay for the property with the open, public bidding format
  • New Beginnings – every property auctioned will be reused and repurposed, adding value to the neighborhood
  • Opportunity – for a new owner, a new vision and a new purpose
  • Perseverance – for the new owner to take responsibility to steward, preserve and care for the new property rather than let it fall into decay
Williams & Williams had such great results they ran the national campaign for two years.


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