award-winning flash website for global fabric line

Client: S. Harris
Award: Gold, Graphex

A website designed and developed to showcase a high-end, sophisticated and sexy textile brand.

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S. Harris, a high-end, contemporary boutique fabric line, asked me to design a website that communicated their brand and celebrated their unique sexy flare. To accomplish this, I created a bold, engaging and highly interactive flash site.

Animated elements, geometric shapes, and patterns found in their fabrics set the tone for the site: coquettish, engaging and bold. Animated descriptive words throughout the shapes further define and describe the brand. The animated elements continuously move, flirting with the user.

The site’s color palette matches the tone of the collection: dynamic and bold. A black background showcases the vivid and colorful photography of each fabric category. The left-hand navigation bar remains constant as users click through and shift to different pages. The pages include an “About Us,” “Fabrics” (with a sub-page for each category), “Showrooms” (locations of showrooms nationwide), “Ads” and “Contact Us” (with email form, links and corporate address).

The “Fabrics” page is divided into seven categories. Each category features a small thumbnail gallery. Users scroll over the boxes to preview a thumbnail, then click on the box to display a larger image. The “Ads” page functions similarly.

I designed and built using Flash 2.0, some HTML and PHP.

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