award-winning branding, packaging & collaterals for George Washington’s Mount Vernon fabric collection

brand campaign series

Promotional Brochure:
Details George Washington’s history, the inspiration behind the fabrics and the collection’s four color palettes

Client: Mount Vernon Ladies Association
Awards: Brochure: Silver; Packaging and Book Design: Citation; all in Graphex
Photos: Mount Vernon Ladies Association

Identity, branding, packaging and collateral pieces for new fabric collection, George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

  • Logo
  • Packaging for 4 color books
  • Packaging for trim book
  • Promotional brochure
  • Animated presentation
  • Postcard
  • Fabric tag
  • Ads
  • Branding and packaging for JCPenney’s version of Mount Vernon
  • Fabric guide brochure

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Fabricut asked me to design the elements of their new collection, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, to present a modern-day perspective on a rich and celebrated history. Although Washington was well known for his military and political accomplishments, I focused on a fresh angle, the man behind the public figure. The man that personally oversaw every aspect of Mount Vernon.

Washington was a true Renaissance man (political figure, architect, planter, botanist, innovator, and artist). This gave me the fresh twist and modern-day perspective for the collection. I designed the packaging as a collage, strategically weaving in his many interests and pursuits. I juxtaposed a field of parchment paper with vibrant photos and paintings, giving glimpses into the plantation and its gardens, significant historic events and pages from his botanical volumes. I used his personal architectural and landscape drawings throughout to give the collection a more personal touch. The ribbon and wax seal on the brochure and color books give the pieces an official feel, perfect for the fabric collection of the first American president.

Fabric and Trim Books:
Trim and four color books (Potomac, Mansion, Parchment, and Botanical)

brand campaign seriesbrand campaign seriesbrand campaign series

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